About The Weather Vein


Why the Weather Vein?

Like a traditional weather vane that is guided by the wind's direction, the daily weather forecast helps us to prepare for whatever external conditions may be on the horizon.  Rarely, however, do we do take time to pay attention to our own internal weather.  The Weather Vein brings focus on the energy that runs through the veins and every cell of our body.  When we take time to explore how we feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually, we may choose to interact with our external world differently.   This type of self awareness can help us to more authentically navigate the ups and downs of our life's adventure. 


Our Goal

We believe each person has hidden natural abilities and talents. Through experiencing and/or experimenting with a variety of mind/body and expressive art forms, we believe each person can connect to their unique voice and life’s purpose. 


Mind/Body/Art Class Offerings and Upcoming Workshops

The Weather Vein offers a variety of classes and workshops that enable a person to connect with their own higher wisdom.

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