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As an Artist

As a MindBodyArt Instructor

As a MindBodyArt Instructor

As an intuitive artist my goal is to inspire others to explore their internal emotions.  When I create art, it comes from an authentic place where I let go of any expectation on what the end product will be.  As a result, there is a vulnerability in my art pieces that hopefully creates a genuine connection between the viewer and me.

I have a strong connection to trees and being outside in nature.  I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work.  I use many different mediums, such as clay, acrylics, and pastels. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.


As a MindBodyArt Instructor

As a MindBodyArt Instructor

As a MindBodyArt Instructor

When I teach, I like to focus on what a posture,  movement or art process feels like rather than what it looks like. As we move through various sensory experiences, we learn to cultivate and trust our own internal body-mind system. By bring awareness to our body’s sensations, feelings, chakras and inner rhythms, we can safely develop our own personal and unique style. This inspires growth and change physically, mentally and spiritually. Whether practicing for health, stress management, or simply for the sheer pleasure of it, participants gain a sense of inner calm and stronger body awareness. 


Who I've Been/Am/Becoming

As a MindBodyArt Instructor

Who I've Been/Am/Becoming


200 RYT - Yoga Alliance

Certified Qigong Infused Yoga Instructor

Certified Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher (IIQTC) Level I

ACE Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I, II

ACE Certified Fitness Instructor

Les Mills Certified Body Flow Instructor 

M.S. Arts Administration, Drexel University

M.S. Teaching, Learning and Curriculum, Drexel University

B.S. Psychology, Chestnut Hill 

Gardener, Liturgical Dancer, Play Ground Director, Actress, Varsity Tennis/Lacrosse/Badminton Player, Chemistry Lab Work Study Student, Babysitter, Placement Counselor, Intuitive Artist,

CollegeWedding Singer,  Upward Bound Counselor, Admissions Director, Step/Kickboxing/Indoor Cycling/Les Mills Body Pump/Yoga/Mind Body/Qigong/Meditation instructor, Stay at Home Mom, Radio Announcer, Dog/Cat/Guinea Pig Companion, Dyslexic, Left Handed, American Red Cross Infant,Child Adult, CPR/AED/First Aid/Instructor, O Negative Blood Type, Mother of Twins, Graduate Student, Pre-School Teacher, Artist, Volunteer, Fragile X Advocate/Carrier, Breast Cancer Survivor, Imperfectly Perfect, Grateful, My Breath, Enough